Bill Pearson's Useful Agricultural Sites: Sheep Links
Badger Face Welsh Mountain Sheep Society
Breed summary and buying and selling register

 Blackface Sheep Breeders Association
Aims to provide information about the breed, contact details, details of sales, Blackface lamb markets, and up to date information on the activities of the Association.

Border Leicester
Everything you needed to know about Border Leicester sheep

British Bleu du Maine Sheep Society
The Bleu du Maine is noted for producing big crops of small lambs which lamb easily, are hardy, grow quickly and have strong desire to live.

British Charollais Sheep Society
British Charollais Sheep Society is committed to the progress of the Charollais breed by way of performance programmes, research, education, advertising and promotion.

British Sheep Dairying Association
The web Site of the British Sheep Dairying Association, with information on sheep milk, cheese,  ice cream and yogurt

British Texel Sheep Society
The British Texel Sheep Society is no longer simply a pedigree registry, it has developed a number of ‘bolt-on’ services for its members and is active in both political lobbying and research and development.

Cornell University
Information about sheep production and management from Cornell University

Cottage Flock
Irish breeder of Vendéen Sheep

Information on schemes for sheep farmers

Field 2 market
Advice on and acqusition of traditional livestock breeds

Growth and structure of meat animals
Information from the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph in Canada

Lamb Plan
Information on sheep from the University of New England

Littlebank Farm
Breeder of Wiltshire Horn Sheep

Meadow Valley Livestock
Ruminant and pig marketing solutions for the livestock industry

National Sheep Association
The UK Sheep Farmers' Organisation

Normangill Farm
Normangill Farm is a working sheep farm in Scotland with Scottish Blackface, texel and charollais sheep

North of England Mule Sheep Association
News and pictures of these popular, easy care sheep

Scottish Texels
Sottish Texels is a web site dedicated to the promotion of pure bred scottish Texel sheep born and bred in Scotland.

Shearing Shop
Manufacturers & Suppliers of Sheep Shearing & Cattle Clipping Machines, Handpieces, Cutters, Combs, Clothing, Spares & Accessories, Repair, Rewind, & Re-Sharpening Services for Farmers & Shearers

Shearing World
Everything to do with shearing

Sheep Breeds
Nice pictures of different breeds of sheep

Sheep Canada
Sheep Canada magazine is a quarterly publication for Canadian sheep farmers

Sheep Dairying
Home page of the British Sheep Dairying Association

Sheep Milk
Herefordshire farmer producing sheep milk

Sheep Shearing
Training for sheep shearers

 Sheep Veterinary Society
Foot and mouth disease information for sheep owners

Signet is a partnership between the Meat and Livestock Commission and the Scottish Agricultural College offering genetic services and enterprise costing.

Suffolk Sheep Society
News and information about this famous breed

Wiltshire Horn
Australian ssite devoted to this British breed

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