Bill Pearson's Useful Agricultural Sites:
Pig Farming

British Pig Association
Aims to maintain the integrity and develop the potential of Britain's pedigree pig breeding stock.

Cotswold Pigs
Cotswold has earned a global reputation for innovation in swine breeding and genetics while continuing to deliver cost-efficient production of high-quality pork

Pig information from DEFRA (formerly MAFF).

The biggest family farming business in Britain

 National Pig Association
National Pig Association is active on members' behalf in Brussels and Whitehall, and with processors, supermarkets and caterers – always fighting for one cause: the growth and prosperity of the UK national pig industry.

 National Swine Improvement Federation
Aims to foster and encourage research, development and application of scientifically-based swine genetic improvement programs.

 Pat Cullen's Pig Pages
These pages concentrate on the practical aspects of pig keeping

PIC is the global market leader for improved pig breeding stock.

Pig Brother
Tell your friends to visit this site and raise money for charity

 Pigs in a polka
Dancing pigs

 Pig Health
The largest pig web-site in Europe

PigsUK gives instant access to key areas of information and expertise designed to boost production and profitability.

 Quality Equipment
Piq equipment manufacturers and suppliers

 Rattlerow Farms Ltd
Pig breeding development

Signet is a partnership between the Meat and Livestock Commission and the Scottish Agricultural College offering genetic services and enterprise costing.

Swine Testing and Genetic Evaluation System from Purdue University

 Stotfold Pigs
Research at the MLC's Stotfold pig unit

 Swine File
Basic information aand pig research, plus links to other related sites

For synchronised group management of sows

 The Pig Site
This web site is devoted solely to pigs and their good health and welfare.

 Virtual Pig Disection
Not for the squeamish

 Winnie the Pig
Famous Westminster sow!


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