Bill Pearson's Useful Agricultural Sites:
Grass and forage:
Biotal is one of the leading UK companies specialising in the development of products based on microbial, enzyme and plant extract technology.

 Cotswold Seeds
Direct suppliers of grass seed to users in agricultural, organic, environmental, horse and landscape markets

Research based company that manufactures and markets MTD/1 based silage inoculants and biological chemical additives for feed, forage and manure (slurry); provides sales and marketing services to suppliers of proven products for farmers and horse owners; and assists technology transfer to farmers, advisors and researchers; worldwide.

 Dow Agrosciences
Information on grassland and weed control

 Eurofilms Extrusion Limited
Silage wrap manufacturers

 Peter Hunter Seeds
Peter Hunter Seeds provide grass and forage seeds for farmers, horses and lawns

Institute of Grassland and Environmental Research

 Malcolm Wain Agricultural Supplies
Supplying specialised forage preservatives

NIAB supplies consultancy, training, information, contract research and technical services to governments, supra-governmental agencies, agribusiness and farmers

 Seeds for the farm
Grass seed

Information on arable and forage crops

Additive manufacturer

 Weed Science
Information herbicide resistance

Weed Science Society of America
Information on weeds and their control from the Weed Science Society of America

Weed Spotter
The on-line weed identification website from Bayer CropScience


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