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 Alta Genetics
Bull semen company

Manufacturer of a range of dairy hygiene equipment including equipment for the prevention and detection of mastitis in dairy cattle

 Animal data centre
Information from the ADC on the UK dairy herd. It includes explanations on all aspects of genetic evaluations and the latest evaluation statistics

 Martin Attwell
Offering independent consultancy to Dairy farmers

Bull semen company

 Ayrshire Cattle Society
For those who haven't heard of the Holstein

 Babcock Institute
The Babcock Institute for International Dairy Research and Development offers a wide range of dairy education material

 Bickleygate Holsteins
High yielding pedigree herd in North Yorkshire

 Body Condition Scoring
A useful guide from Penn State University

For new parlours, upgrades, cooling equipment, milking management and supplies.

This information web site offers specialist insight on bovine genetics and the dairy industry.

Website for the Catlane herd of British Friesians.

Cogent is the UK's largest and the world's fastest growing cattle breeding programme.

 Cow Doc
Guide to cattle lameness and treatment of bovine foot disease for producers.

 Cow Facts
The Straights Feeders Group was founded by Gordon Newman and Ivor Bending, both independent consultants specialising in dairy cow nutrition

Scroll down to "Cow Sites" to get some strange dairy links!

 Cow Talk
Cow Talk is a discussion forum for pedigree Holstein breeders through out the world
Source for genetic information on dairy bulls

 Dairy Daughters
Bull semen company

 Dairy Development Centre
Welsh dairy research

 Dairy Farmers of Britain
The leading dairy farmers’ co-operative in the UK, with around 2,600 member farms.

 Dairy Farmers of Britain Members
Website for members of Dairy Farmers of Britain

 Dairy Force
The largest independent contract milking specialists throughout the U.K.

 The Dairy Group
Formerly the ADAS Dairy Group, this company provides independent consultancy services to the dairy industry

 Dairy Herd Management
Wide range of information for milk producers

 Dairy Manager
Dairy costings from the Milkminder team

Dairy equipment

 Dairynet - The UK Dairy industry on the WWW
Source of news and features for the UK Dairy Industry

 Dairy Semen Online
Order dairy semen online or by phone

 Dairy Training
Provides information and advice on all matters related to education, training and development, and careers in the dairy industry.

 Dairy UK
Dairy UK has brought together dairy processors, farming representatives, co-ops and bottle milk buyers to form an organisation that embraces and gives full priority to the views and opinions of all those involved the industry.

DairyWIN is a computer program for dairy farmers, veterinarians, and farm advisors. It assists with day-to-day herd management and enables comprehensive monitoring of herd performance.

 DC Engineering
Dairy Engineers, based on the Isle of Wight, specialise in the supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance of milking parlours and milking equipment along with electro-mechanical systems used in farming and the milk processing industry.

Profitability for New Zealand Dairy Farmers

Milking systems and more

 Dutch Heifers
Richard Lawson & Son have been importing Dutch Heifers for the last 8 years

 Easy Calver
Mike Lemmey's easy calver dry cow management system

 Electronic Zoo / NetVet Veterinary Resources - Cow Sites
Loads of dairy links

Order bull semen by impartial rankings for farmers, buying groups and consultants

Milk cooling tanks and equipment

Milking Machinery and dairy equipment manufacturer

 Gascoigne Melotte
Gascoigne Melotte is now part of the Boumatic group.  Boumatic dealers can supply all genuine GM spares and equipment

 Gelli Aur

Dairy development centre

Consultancy bull semen and dairy hygiene products

 Greenlands Nutrition
Feeding to make milk not excuses!

Gloucester based quota dealers

 Holstein UK and Ireland
Services to the dairy farming industry targeted at improving the genetics and profitability of the Holstein  breed

 Hoards Dairyman
American dairy magazine

 Ian Potter
The UK's leading agent for milk quota

 Kingshay Farming Trust
An independent farmer run organisation, providing practical solutions and unbiased results on current and future issues to improve profitability on dairy farms

 Kingston Somerset Ltd
Dairy equipment suppliers

Milk quota dealer

 Kingold Holsteins
Stuart Goldshaw's Cheshire based herd

Dairy equipment

 Livestock Improvement
New Zealand bulls

Relief services and staff recruitment

Quota prices and market reports

 Managing Milk Quality
Managing Milk Quality is a self-instruction training kit used to improve herd productivity, to reduce mastitis and to improve milk quality.

Milking parlours and equipment

A detailed look at mastitis

Milk Cheque Interactive - dairy costings from The Dairy Group

 Milk Bench
Allows you to enter your own farm information and compare it against other farms.

 MDC Datum
Market information service provided by the Milk Development Council

 Milk Development Council
Find out about trials be carried out by the MDC

 Milking Management
For milking machine testing and mastitis control

 Milk from Forage
Tips from Greenmount College of Agriculture and Horticulture

 Milk Link
Farmer owned milk buyer

Dedicated to keeping members better informed on GB milk prices paid to milk producers.

Site devoted exclusively to providing state of the art milk production information from DeLaval

Buy and sell milk quota

 Milk Sucks
Anti dairy products site from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Milk cooling  and storage

 National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme
The National Dairy Farm Assured Scheme has been developed to address the concerns of all the interested parties in the milk supply chain.

 National Milk Records
Supplier of livestock information services

 Pasture to Profit
Discussion groups for dairy farmers

 Pearson Dairy Farm Systems
Specialise in milking parlours, feeding equipment, slurry handling equipment and dairy spare parts.

 Ian Potter
Leading UK quota broker

Manufacturer of cow mattresses and stalls

Provincewide quota dealers

 Rural Payments Agency
Information on milk quotas

Cow mats

 Rum Nut
Ruminant nutrition program

 Semex Home Page
Dairy Bulls

 Semex Canada
Dairy Bulls from Canada

The Shorthorn Society of the United Kingdom and Ireland

 Super Sires
Another dairy bull company

  The NOT MILK Homepage!
Guaranteed to upset any dairy farmer. Not advised if you are a dairy farmer with a weak heart or high blood pressure!!

 Triple Blue Paper Towels
Specialising in dairy hygiene products including udder wipes, paper towels and milking gloves

 V B Fabrications
Vic Brown (Rushton Spencer) specialises in new and second hand parlour equipment

Products and services that help in many areas of dairy cow management

 Webb Paton
Surveyors and quota dealers

For milking equipment, animal sanitation, cooling technology and herd management.

 Wilson Agri
Useful site on cow comfort

 Wisconsin University Dairy Science Extension
Useful articles on nutrition, genetics, fertility and mangement

WisLINK provides Wisconsin dairy producers with the latest information on products and services that will help them better manage their farm businesses

 Woolley & Wallis
Agricultural Chartered Surveyors and quota sellers

A useful summary of milking machine technology is available from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations:


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