Bill Pearson's Useful Agricultural Sites: Beef Links
Aberdeen Angus Cattle Society
The Aberdeen-Angus Cattle Society maintain the herd records of pedigree Aberdee-Angus cattle in the UK and Ireland

 Beef Semen Online
Exporters of beef semen worldwide.

 Beef Shorthorn Society
Claims to be the breed with the oldest history and the brightest future

 British Belgian Blue Society
Official website of the BBBCS with details of pedigree Belgian Blue Cattle sales, breeders, clubs and Blanc-Bleu Belge contacts

 British Blonde Society
The Blonde d'Aquitaine breed has been established in the UK for over 25 years and continues to gain much respect from commercial farmers, be they suckler producers or dairy men.

 British Charolais Cattle Society
Claims to contain the most up to date and easily accessible information anywhere on the Charolais Breed.

 British Limousin Cattle Society
Official site of the British Limousin Cattle Society serving over 2000 Limousin cattle breeders throughout the UK.

 British Piemontese Cattle Society
The Piemontese is an early maturing and long living breed with a great adaptability to many different conditions.

 British Simmental Cattle Society
This site provides information about the British Simmental Cattle Society, its membership details and activities.

 British White Cattle.
One of Britain's oldest breed of Cattle with a History going back more than 800 years

Caldwell Simmentals
Part of CSC Breeders

Information on schemes for cattle farmers

Identifying your farm costs and how they compare with the top beef businesses in England

Dexter Cattle Society
Introducing purchases and sellers of Dexter Cattle on the internet, and a whole lot more besides!

Field 2 market
Advice on and acqusition of traditional livestock breeds

Growth and structure of meat animals
Information from the Department of Animal and Poultry Science at the University of Guelph in Canada

 Hereford Cattle Society
Outlines the profile of one of the oldest British Beef Breeds in existence.

 Highland Cattle Society
As seen on toffee bars!

 Lincoln Red Cattle Society
A polled animal, well fleshed with a deep cherry-red coat, a wide muzzle and well placed legs and sturdy feet, ideally suited to range conditions.

Meadow Valley Livestock
Ruminant and pig marketing solutions for the livestock industry

Meat and Livestock Commission

 MLC Economics
Providing data and information on all aspects of the UK, European and world meat and livestock markets.

 Murray Grey Beef Cattle Society
Contact information and show details for this breed

National Beef Association
An independent body representing the interests of UK beef farmers

Quality Calves Limited
UK Farmer owned calf marketing co-operative

 Rare Breeds Survival Trust
Looking after Britain's farm livestock heritage

 Red Meat Industry Forum
The aim is to improve performance and profit margins for British livestock and meat industries.

 Red Poll Cattle Society
The beef breed with milk and no horns

 Salers Cattle Society of the UK and Ireland
The difficult environmental conditions where the Salers breed developed makes it ideal for the poorer areas of the British Isles and todays beef industry!

Signet is a partnership between the Meat and Livestock Commission and the Scottish Agricultural College offering genetic services and enterprise costing.

 South Devon Herd Book Society
South Devons hace good breed conformation and long lived milky dams with excellent mothering

 Welsh Black Cattle Society
The Welsh Black  Cattle Society promotes the interests of Welsh Black cattle and its breeders.

 Whitelums Limousin Cattle
Whitelums Limousin Cattle - breeders of quality Limousin cattle in the North East of Scotland

Wroxall Simmentals
The pedigree herd of C.H. Evans & Son in Warwickshire

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